The available APIs for pulling orders from Ebay are-

1) GetSellerTransactions

2) GetSellerEvents

3) GetOrders / GetOrderTransactions


I have updated my tips as Ebay now has a better approach.
Use GetOrders API. It shows list of orders in <OrderArray>. Then inside each <Order>, it returns <TransactionArray>. Each <Transaction> represent each product bought. This way we have complete list of orders including single and multiple line orders –

(i) Use ModTimeFrom / ModTimeTo filter

(ii) Set OrderRole to Seller/Buyer

(iii) Set OrderStatus to Active/Completed/Shipped. Active status means that the products can be added,deleted or updated.

How to know if payment is cleared or shipped?
Set OrderStatus to Completed or Shipped respectively. This is much simpler as compared to older approach as we set the parameter in the request itself.

How to know total shipping cost of the order?

  • OrderArray/Order/ShippingServiceSelected/ShippingService – gives you the shipping method selected
  • OrderArray/Order/ShippingServiceSelected/ShippingServiceCost – gives you the shipping cost.

It returns the total shipping cost for the entire order.