Date Range Search in OpenERP 6.1

In older version, when we add date field to search view it used to give range of date filter. However, in 6.1 it only allows to select the exact date.

So, for range filter we need to do the following workaround. For example, adding a date range for field ‘Date’ in sales order, we need to add two dummy function fields-
‘date_order_from’:fields.function(lambda *a,**k:{}, method=True, type=’date’,string=”Date from”),
‘date_order_to’:fields.function(lambda *a,**k:{}, method=True, type=’date’,string=”Date to”),

And then in the search view, give-

And now you have a date range filter in your search view…

4 thoughts on “Date Range Search in OpenERP 6.1

    1. For printing values you need to customize RML or webkit report. However, for printing data what you see on screen is not possible through web, that you can get it printed from GTK client.

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