In my previous blog, I published use of Weight and Price Barcode. In this blog, we will see how with slight customization of point of sale module we can make use of combination of weight and price barcode.

Let me first start with 2D barcode. In this type, we can merge multiple barcodes into one. Example of 2D barcodes are DataMatrix, PDF417, QRCode, Aztec, etc. Here, is a sample output when a 2D barcode is scanned- 3330012244123,3330013355123,3330014466123.

Barcodes can be separated either by comma or tab or newline character. Now, this structure can be utilized in Point of Sale for selling combo products. Consider an example. We are selling Boni Oranges and Golden Apples wrapped in a decorative tray. Now, the total price of the product includes weight of two fruits plus cost of the tray. Hence, we can combine 2 weight barcode and 1 price barcode into a 2D barcode.

For more information on Weight, Price and Discount Barcode please refer to my blog- Point of Sale with Weight, Price and Discount Barcode in Odoo

Let’s understand with an example-

Product 1-
Name: Boni Orange
Internal Reference: 929000
Weight: 400g
Weight Barcode: 21 929000 00400

Product 2-
Name: Golden Apples Perlim
Internal Reference: 929001
Weight: 600g
Weight Barcode: 21 929001 00600

Product 3-
Name: Decorative Item
Internal Reference: 666001
Price: 2500
Price Barcode: 23 666001 02500

We will now merge all 3 barcode and generate a 2D Barcode as follows:

PDF-417 Barcode

PDF-417 Barcode


DataMatrix Barcode

DataMatrix Barcode

Now, when this barcode is scanned all 3 above product comes automatically.

Point of Sale

Point of Sale

This way the scan function of Point of Sale can be made smart enough to achieve various requirements.

Note- You need a 2D Barcode scanner to read such barcodes.