Odoo Demand Planning

I am writing this blog after a very long time.  Over the past few months, I was exploring the strengths of python language and realize it is just amazing when it comes to Machine Learning. The ultimate goal of ML algorithms is to be able to take decisions without any human intervention.

After implementing large scale multi-country multi-company Odoo projects, I realize it is time to take Odoo customization to next level and develop apps which helps business in making strategic decisions by projecting future sales. Here, is one such app developed by me- Demand Planning.

This app can be used to analyze your historical sales, project your future demands, and then create orders according to a supply plan that will add stock as needed. Demand Planning App works in 3 stages:-

  1. Demand Plan– This will calculate the expected future demand for a product based on historical demand. It is here where various time series forecasting models are being used.
  2. Supply Plan– This provides a list of purchase and manufacturing orders. It considers lead times so that orders are placed in time. Purchase orders generated uses the first vendor from the product master which can be changed later. For assembly products, all sub-components are considered and appropriate manufacturing or purchase orders are created for raw materials.
  3. Order Creation– This allows the actual creation of purchase and manufacturing orders from locked supply plans.

For more information, click here- https://lnkd.in/egRHCsk


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