Analytic Account- A real boon to the financial user

First, let us talk about expense booking operation in proprietary ERPs. The screen has multiple options to select from like the Internal Order, Cost Centers, Profit Centers, WBS, and so on. So, this means the accounting user should be educated enough to choose the right field. This can be a real challenge for SMEs.

However, in Odoo we just have one field which covers all the above operation- Analytic Account. The beauty is AA is tightly integrated with almost all the apps. It can therefore be configured as a cost center, profit center, internal order, projects, and many more. Moreover, it can be linked with Equipment, Fleet, and so on to capture its total expense over a period. And if a company is making a profit by leasing its equipment or fleet then AA can be linked-to Sales order to track its total profitability. So, you see it is super easy for the accounting user.

Now, the next question is how to differentiate among different types of AA? It is simple. For that, we have Analytic Groups and Tags. So, you see the complexity of managing various operation is moved from the transactional data to the master data.

Next, is how do we restrict the user to a particular type of AA. Again, by using record rules we can restrict users to only certain types of AA and its corresponding entries.

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