Must have OCA modules in Odoo projects

1. mass_editing: This module provides easily configurable bulk editing options.

2. auth_admin_passkey: This module allows logging in with an extra system administrator password in other user accounts.

3. report_xlsx: This module provides a basic report class to generate xlsx report.

4. auditlog: This module allows the administrator to log user operations performed on data models such as create, read, write, and delete.

5. web_m2x_options: This module modifies “many2one” and “many2manytags” form widgets so as to add some new display control options. The best part is that it supports global option management with ir.config_parameter.

6. web_export_view: This module allows exporting the tree view data to CSV/XLS

Let me know if you guys know of more such essential apps.

One thought on “Must have OCA modules in Odoo projects

  1. Anonymous

    My favorite OCA modules:

    – account_financial_report
    – web_responsive
    – account_menu
    – account_tax_balance
    – account_lock_to_date

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