About Me


I am an ERP Techno-Functional Expert with experience in Odoo. I have done extensive customization and number of integration resulting in a solution which solves most of the problem faced by industry.

I have also worked on vTiger(CRM) and Processmaker(BPM).

My main focus now is ERP(Enterprise Resource Planning). I have fallen in love with Odoo (formerly OpenERP) and have lots of knowledge to be shared with all.

For any queries or suggestions, you can email me at aasim333@gmail.com

4 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Lee Addy


    How about this. 2 sales channels ( ebay and amazon ). Inventory in OpenERP updates the stock quantity in eBay and Amazon. i.e. – after a sale in eBay – the order detail is passed back to OpenERP.. If theres some more stock then the stock level in eBay is replenished. Same For Amazon.

  2. Hi Aasim, I have also a question for you! I sell console games in The Netherlands but i also buy sometimes the english or other language version. Now my problem is that i have multiple barcodes for the same product. Is there a solution to give one product multiple barcodes? I cant label all the other barcodes to the same because too many products, and if i get some new games i need to manually search at the names if the product is already in my system! Thank you very much for the other info on yous site!
    Siplo Dusbaba

    1. If the barcodes are different then it means it is a different product. You can create one product template and multiple variants for language. This way you can store different barcodes under product variants.

      Another alternative is to have one2many field for barcodes in product template form and customize the code such that it searches for all barcodes. But this doesn’t sound practical.

      Hope this helps!!!

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